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Fides Publica

Fides was the Roman goddess of trust and good faith. Her name is the root of the modern word fidelity. Hers was a virtue so prized that it was elevated to the status of a deity in the Roman Republic.

The CMIA believes that journalists and media content providers across all platforms have an obligation to act with fidelity to the truth.  In our training and through our conferences and partnerships, we underscore that fact-based, ethical, high-quality journalism must be grounded in truth.  Not alternative facts.  Not fake news.  The journalists we train and the speakers and panelists we promote all have this commitment; this Fides Publica at the core of their vocation. This ethos infuses everything we do to support press freedom, the professionalization of individual journalists and content creators, and better-quality democracy through greater access to ethical media.


Today's media ecosystem across the Americas is evolving rapidly at a time when media has come under tremendous pressure, as old business models die off and new authoritarian governments restrict freedom of the press.  Creative disruption and purposeful disinformation co-exist in an often confusing environment that generates uncertainty in democratic societies. Citizens feel uncertain as to which sources they can trust to provide accurate, fact-based information and analysis, based on facts.


For this reason, our work is inspired by our ancient - but very relevant - muse, Fides, and her virtues of trust and good faith.

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