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What is the CMIA?

The Center for Media Integrity of the Americas (CMIA) is an organization funded by voluntary donations to promote and support the practice of independent, ethical journalism and social media production in the Americas.

The CMIA seeks to accomplish this by convening, networking, and mentoring next generation investigative journalists and media professionals. The CMIA also advocates for press freedom and the fundamental right of citizens to be informed by an independent press by staging conferences and other public-facing events. All CMIA’s activities serve to strengthen democracy by contributing to a transparent and robust media landscape across all media platforms.

A full-time Executive Director liaises with an independent Board of Directors and donors to ensure financial transparency of donor funding and to conduct the Center’s ongoing fundraising.


The Executive Director also coordinates the activities of a separate and independent Board of Advisors, comprised of established journalists, communications experts, and public interest media figures from across the hemisphere who serve pro bono.


These individuals represent the highest caliber of journalistic excellence and have been awarded Pulitzers, Peabodys, Maria Moors Cabot, Overseas and National Press Club Awards, and other prestigious journalism fellowships.

The Center launched as a project of the OAS at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles in June 2022, and transitioned to a independent, not-for-profit organization in June 2023.

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