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Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors of the Center for Media Integrity of the Americas is a group of 33 journalists and media experts at the heart of everything the Center does.


These advisors, networked under the CMIA umbrella, work to:

  • Select participants for seminars organized by the CMIA.

  • Participate in select committees of the CMIA. 

  • Speak at CMIA conferences and other events.

  • Advise the Executive Director of media trends and developments.

  • Connect the CMIA to like-minded media practitioners and partners.


Jaime Abello.JPG

Jaime Abello

  • Twitter
Marisol Argueta.jpg

Marisol Argueta de Barillas

  • Twitter
Jose de Cordoba.jpg

José de Córdoba

  • Twitter
Rossana Fuentes.jpg

Rossana Fuentes Berain

  • Twitter

Carrie Kahn

  • Twitter
Kiran Maharaj

Kiran Maharaj

    Dana Priest.JPG

    Dana Priest

    • Twitter
    Jose Luis Sanz 2.jpg

    José Luis Sanz

    • Twitter
    Rita Vasquez.jpeg

    Rita Vásquez

    • Twitter
    Enrique Acevedo.png

    Enrique Acevedo

    • Twitter
    Carolina Barros.jpg

    Carolina Barros

    • Twitter
    David Duckenfield.jpg

    David Duckenfield

    • Twitter
    Sonia Gill.jpg

    Sonia D. Gill

      Carlos Lauria.jpg

      Carlos Lauria

      • Twitter
      Boris Munoz

      Boris Muñoz

      • Twitter
      Luz Mely Reyes_edited.jpg

      Luz Mely Reyes

      • Twitter
      Nick Schiffrin.jpg

      Nick Schifrin

      • Twitter
      Natalia Viana.JPG

      Natalia Viana

      • Twitter
      David Adams.jpg

      David Adams

      • Twitter
      Carlos Fernando Chamorro.jpg

      Carlos Fernando Chamorro

      • Twitter
      Maria Jimena Duzan2.jpg

      María Jimena Duzán

      • Twitter
      Joshua Goodman.jpg

      Joshua Goodman

      • Twitter
      Rafael Lorente.jpg

      Rafael Lorente

      • Twitter
      Ana Paula Ordorica.jpg

      Ana Paula Ordorica

      • Twitter
      Sebastian Rotella.jpg

      Sebastían Rotella

        Andrew Selee.png

        Andrew Selee

        • Twitter
        Laura Weffer.jpg

        Laura Weffer

        • Twitter
        Jon Lee Anderson.jpg

        Jon Lee Anderson

        • Twitter
        Selymar Colon.jpg

        Selymar Colón

        • Twitter
        John Feeley.jpg

        John Feeley

          Patricia Janiot.jpg

          Patricia Janiot

          • Twitter
          Dora Martinez.jpg

          Dora Martínez

            Clara Elvira Ospina.jpg

            Clara Elvira Ospina

            • Twitter
            Ana Maria Salazar.jpg

            Ana María Salazar

            • Twitter
            Pedro Vaca.jpg

            Pedro Vaca Villareal

            • Twitter
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