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Laura Weffer Cifuentes has dedicated her professional life to journalism in all its expressions. 

Whether it's working from a newsroom;  creating a digital media outlet in the face of a hostile environment in her native Venezuela or writing programs for international news networks, her career has been prolific and focused on in-depth content. 

Winner of national and international awards for her investigative journalism, Weffer has covered conflicts, politics, coups d'état, social issues, gender and mental health for many years. 

Laura is co-founder of Efecto Cocuyo, a digital media that was born as an alternative to the struggle against censorship and the difficulty of access to information in her country. 

Editorial director of Efecto Cocuyo, reporter at OCCRP, researcher and co-writer at CNN Español, Laura has managed to carve a path for herself as an exile in the United States where she has lived since 2016.

She has also worked at institutions such as the Poynter Institute or at the EFE news agency. keynote speaker nationally and internationally; she has been a radio host and author of several books. 

Laura Weffer received a mention of the Maria Moors Cabot Award from Columbia University for her career; she has also received the Gabriel García Márquez Award twice and the Ipys Award four times, among others.

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