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José Luis Sanz is the Washington correspondent of El Faro and editor of El Faro English since January 2021. Before that he was the director of El Faro for seven years.


Under his leadership the Salvadoran news outlet published joint investigations with international outlets including The New York Times, El País, Univisión Digital and Radio Ambulante.


In the same span El Faro received numerous awards including the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Prize of Excellence in Journalism, the Latin American Investigative Journalism Award, the King of Spain and Hillman Prizes, and two Emmy nominations.


He was also a founding member of Sala Negra, an investigative journalism team specialized in violence, gangs, and organized crime in Central America. His work is featured in the books “Johnathan no tiene tatuajes” (2009), “Crónicas Negras” (2013), “Terror Zones: Gewalt und Gegenwehr in Lateinamerika” (2015), “Crónicas desde la región más violenta” (2019), and “Crónicas Latinoamericanas” (2020).

He has been awarded with the LASA Media Award and was part of teams who received the Gabriel García Márquez Prize, the Latin American Investigative Journalism Award and the Hillman Prize. He is professor at the Master in Digital and Multiplatform Journalism of CNN Academy and the Loyola University in Sevilla (Spain).

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